"Robert is an extremely kind and attentive therapist. I have been his client for many years, and I greatly appreciate having him as my therapist".

Drew D.

“It is difficult for us to talk about Bob Ciampi in this short space. We came to him when one of our college age children was in crisis. From the first appointment, Bob listened, assessed and began a course of treatment that would, eventually help our child even more than we thought possible at the time. He was available to all of us and always made time for us even when it was outside of regularly scheduled appointments. His patience, expertise and compassion are nothing short of amazing! Bob has the ability to identify a problem; come up with short and long team treatment plans and interact in a calm, insightful, professional manner. He goes above and beyond his professional responsibilities and has an incredible ability to really "listen" to a person and let them know that he is in their corner and will do all he can to help them. We have referred Bob to friends and family and they have had the same wonderful experience that we had.” 

Stacey B.

“Mr. Robert Ciampi is a talented, compassionate, and dedicated Clinical Social Worker. I had the good fortune of working with him for several years, and observed first hand his astute clinical skills. In addition to expertise in psychotherapy, Robert exhibits emotional intelligence which is a major asset in our profession of mental/behavioral health. These qualities include self-awareness, empathy, motivation, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. Robert's work also highlights the importance of human dignity and potentiality, and I am proud to highly recommend him. 

Dr. David E. Schaub, PhD.” 

"I have come to know Bob Ciampi to be a highly skilled professional who is well spoken, methodical, and focused in his work. Bob uses a wide-range of treatment modalities to help explore options as he works to uncover solutions to client issues. I highly recommend him." 

Dr. Grant Ko, M.D. Board Certified Psychiatrist

“Bob has tremendous active listening skills and is able to get to the root of the problem. He cares deeply for people and is one of the most sincere people I have met. Bob's attention to detail and trustworthiness are strengths that contribute heavily to his success,” 

Drew D.

"I have known Robert to be an experienced and very competent licensed clinical social worker and it is my understanding that his patients are quite satisfied with the services he provides."

James M.

"Robert C. facilitated an informative and thought provoking seminar on Social Work self-care and symptoms of burn out. He is a clear and engaging presenter, and I highly recommend him for staff in-service training." 

Jennifer T.

"Robert exhibits an engaging style that brought comfort to my husband and I from the very first session. I highly recommend him for couples work. Don't wait any longer. Call him today!

Anna C.

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