Robert C. Ciampi, LCSW -                                               Psychotherapist

Childhood Wounds and How They Play Out in Our Relationships

Everyone has Childhood Wounds even if we were brought up in a loving and stable home environment. We are not talking about physical wounds, but emotional injuries that become embedded in our psyche. We all experience "wounds" differently; what may inflict injury on one person may not have the same impact on someone else. These partially healed or open wounds are what lead to our "buttons" that when pushed, cause us to react strongly in certain situations. Psychic injuries do not go away and are often carried into adulthood and into our relationships, especially our romantic relationships. And here our "unfinished business" is played out. In our intimate relationships, both dating partners or spouses, bring their own wounds into the relationship that can lead to what may seem to be resolvable conflicts. Unknowingly, couples fight not so much with each other, but with their past as each partners different set of wounds clash with one another. I will attempt to demonstrate how this dynamic works and will borrow information from the great book "Getting the Love You Want" from Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.

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